Support us


Support us

Help us reach our goals

Help us by supporting the students who needs financial assistance.


Helps in the following needs:

  • Food assistance
  • Other needs


$50 / month
(P1,000 to P2,500 in Philippine peso)

Helps in the following needs:

  • Tuition fees
  • Uniforms
  • Books and other school materials


Helps in the following needs:
  • Food assistance
  • Tuition fees
  • Uniforms
  • Books
  • Other needs

Some sponsored students continue even after Grade 6 from Angel Presence Foundation School

College students give their thanks to their sponsors.

Support us

Our Wishlist

Share your blessings by supporting the needs of our school.

(To upgrade desktop/laptop)

Strong internet

Water purifier for
drinking purposes

Photocopy machine

Big screen television set

Audio-visual & other instructional materials

Additional tables, chairs, boards, electric fans and air conditioners

Livelihood tools & equipments

More sponsors for the assist a-student program

Increase the "Angels Welfare fund"

Raise the salary of the teachers and give them enough training/on-going formation

Acquire additional property and school building for expansion as we have more or less 700 students now
(Pre-school and Elementary)

Additional Information

Student Qualifications for Sponsorship

The Criteria and Qualification

Low income with intense financial need (single parent, laid-off from work, illness or death of parents, many members in the family, and other major problems).

Good character such as industrious, trustworthy, strong faith and determination.

Wanting to achieve their goals or dreaming to better their lives.

The Process of Selecting a Student

Write and send an application letter to Angel Presence Foundation.

The sponsorship committee will do a background check through home visitation and interview.

When accepted, the parent and the student will regularly write letters, send pictures and copies of their school report card to the sponsor.

The sponsorship committee is responsible to look after them and gives regular update to the sponsor.

Sponsored Kid

Charles David Casas

5 Years old (Birthday – January 05, 2014)
Kindergarten at Angel Presence Foundation School

Parents are seperated (Rodante Casas, father and Charmina Ruffa Senoron, Mother) and they have their own family now. Charles is under the custody of his Grandmother, Carmen Leynes. Carmen Leynes has been a long time volunteer at Angel Presence Foundation School, assisting in cleaning, cooking and feeding the children. Carmen, the grandmother, also works as a laundry woman. Doing hand washing services which is really hard labor with a very low and no fix income.

They live in a very small shanty for scavengers, and still they are renting it for P1,000 a month. Aside from supporting Charles, Carmen also support her eldest son who is sick of Epilepsy.


The Angel Presence School is the main project of Angel Presence Foundation Inc. It is service-oriented, non-profit and non-sectarian
(open to all religions).

Help us reach our goal

Angel Presence Foundation is in-need of sponsors. Help us by supporting the students who needs financial assistance.