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Situation & Goals


Miracle Situation

The Angel Presence School is located at the heart of Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City. Bagong Barrio is considered to be a “workers’ community” because it has more than 60 factories in the area of 47 hectares, with more or less 200,000 population of which 80% are children and youth. Bagong Barrio was formerly known as the largest slum area in the city of Caloocan and the second largest throughout Metro Manila.

Though a garbage dump in the early years, it became a fertile ground because good number of its people strived hard to break the cycle of poverty and focused on their potentials. Some finished their education and worked as professionals. Others worked overseas such as domestic helpers in Hong Kong, entertainers in Japan, construction workers in Saudi Arabia, care givers in America, Australia, Europe and in other parts of the world in their chosen professions.

Thus, many houses now are no longer shanties, in the main streets you can already see concrete houses, but in between streets or narrow alleys you can still find congestion of many families living small rooms. Children are usually fed from street foods or mostly junk foods, and there are also others who cannot have three meals regularly.


Our Goals

Around the area are low-income families, in public schools there are many children and they are not given much attention. We want to establish a school that is affordable, can give quality education and equal opportunity by giving assistance to those in need and interested to have good education.

At Angel Presence School, we have a Food Service which hopes to always serve them with healthy foods. And the children are happy and always looking forward to what food that will be served them every day. They bring their own dining kit. They pay P20 (approximately $.35 cents) for their complete meal of rice, soup, vegetables and fruit. Those who cannot afford, we look for sponsors for them.


The Angel Presence School is the main project of Angel Presence Foundation Inc. It is service-oriented, non-profit and non-sectarian
(open to all religions).

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Angel Presence Foundation is in-need of sponsors. Help us by supporting the students who needs financial assistance.