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Our vision & Mission

About us

Our Vision

The teachers and staff of the Angel Presence School envision themselves to become partners in establishing a school of excellence in basic pre-elementary and elementary education, which hopes to develop the child as a “Whole Person” recognizing his source and divinity; and his responsibility to his environment, community and society.

About us

Our Mission

To actualize this vision, the teachers and staff commit themselves to:

  • Develop "GOD Centeredness", "Angel Consciousness", Love of Country, Society & Environment.
  • Provide good & quality education thru effective practices, management & techniques.
  • Develop basic skills, habits, competencies & values that constitute the foundation of greater learning.
  • Simultaneous education of parents & guardians.

About us

Angel Presence Kids

Here at Angel Presence, we develop the students to have:

Deep love to God, to others and our country

With Angel consciousness

Competitive but sport and humble

Respectful and obedient

Responsible and independent

Loving and compassionate

Clean and orderly

Can read, write, count, communicate and excel in academics

About us

What we believe

We believe we could make a difference

  • To establish a school which is different from other schools around us.
  • To give equal opportunity for children, to have quality education with strong values.
  • To connect like-minded people, provide venues for service, to help the needy.

We believe in Angels

We believe in Angels. Thus, our school is named “Angel Presence”.

  • We have real experiences of our Angels. They are always "Present", they are never absent
  • Archangel Michael, is our main principal, and his Legions of Angels are our co-workers and protectors.
  • We have various "Angel" Activities: Live "Teacher Angel" every Wednesday, Angel Blessings Presentation (Show), and Angel Motorcade every Foundation Day.

We Believe in God

BELOVED JESUS, is our SCHOOL DIRECTOR. He is the center in all that we do. We always ask for his Luminous Presence and Guidance.

We believe that we have visible and invisible helpers

  • The children pray everyday before and after their class.
  • Every Monday, the teachers and staff start the week right by praying together to ask for guidance and help from our Invisible co-workers.
  • Every Friday, we also thank God for all the Blessings and assistance for the whole week. Because we believe that “The Family that prays together, stays together”. We decree to manifest all our needs.

We believe that each one is precious and is a Child of God

Each child receives a medal (customized/personalized), an award every end of the school year, in recognition for his potential, efforts and achievements. It’s a good encouragement and inspiration.

We produce our own Yearbook that contains their pictures and awards, school activities and the credentials of their teachers.

We believe we can educate

We believe we can educate their taste buds and motivate them to eat vegetables and fruits. We have a food service with complete meal of rice, soup, vegetables and fruits.


The Angel Presence School is the main project of Angel Presence Foundation Inc. It is service-oriented, non-profit and non-sectarian
(open to all religions).

Help us reach our goal

Angel Presence Foundation is in-need of sponsors. Help us by supporting the students who needs financial assistance.