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About us

We are Angel Presence foundation

The Angel Presence School is the main project of Angel Presence Foundation Inc. It is service-oriented, non-profit and non-sectarian (open to all religions).

An appeal for assistance

In these trying times of the pandemic, a lot of schools (and businesses) have closed down already, Angel Presence School also thought of temporary closure, thinking how long we can give salaries to the teachers and staff. Online teaching became an option but not all have internet connection and gadgets. Many parents have been laid-off from work.

Celebrating our 20th year Founding anniversary this February 14, 2020 with more or less 700 students (the highest number thus far), also this year, our permit level from the Department of Education (DepEd) was elevated to Recognition Status… we asked ourselves, have we reached the peak already?

Inspired with its Miracle-beginnings and its Miracle-workers, we have reflected how the Hand of God answered our prayers through the years… Believing in Miracles… with a strong conviction that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26)… therefore, nothing is impossible… Gaining a renewed strength, Angel Presence Foundation School decided to take up the challenge of “adulthood”… and said, NO to temporary closure… with a firm determination to continue its service despite of the situation it’s facing.

We thank God for sending us Visible and Invisible Helpers to assist us in every way… and You have been one of them through the years… At this point, we would like to invite you to join our project :  “Assist-a-Student”… You can give your donation… or start an “Angel Coin Bank”… Truly, a Gift of Love… Please notify us if you are remitting on a monthly basis… or whatever mode is convenient for you…

It has been proven, that a Million Blessing comes back to you for every assistance extended…

May the Angels Protect You Always…

Let's create more Miracles

We welcome and respect all religions and beliefs for we are all children of one God, the Father who gave us life. The breath of life, the only Source that beats our hearts.


Kids singing “Shine, Jesus, Shine!” and calling “Beloved Jesus, our School Director, Come!”.

Light flashed from the picture of Jesus. It was an evening presentation with no spot light.

The light became brighter, proving that Jesus really comes when He is called.

What we offer

Program offerings

Our program is comprised of hands-on learning experiences for all of the cultures our students explore.





What people say about us

"Teachers and Staff are Awesome!"

Cha Ariola Arante
20 July 2019
"A place to start your kids for good education and behavior."
Ria Rico
29 August 2019
"5 star ⭐ Teacher's are very accommodating 💖"
Ana Parrenas
29 August 2019


The Angel Presence School is the main project of Angel Presence Foundation Inc. It is service-oriented, non-profit and non-sectarian
(open to all religions).

Help us reach our goal

Angel Presence Foundation is in-need of sponsors. Help us by supporting the students who needs financial assistance.